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Clear-It Unclogs Black Tanks. Unique Camping + Marine Clear-It Unclogs Black Tanks. Unique Camping + Marine

How It Works

If you’re struggling with a clogged RV black tank you want to get it fixed fast and effectively. When it comes to plugged tanks, there are two routes you can take: manually clean it by jetting or snaking the tank (or hiring a professional to do this!), or use a product to unclog the tank. Here is a little secret: many RV techs hate jetting and cleaning black tanks, so if you take your RV in to have them unclog your black tank, they are only going to jet or snake your tank as a last resort. What they are typically going to do first is use Unique Clear-It, the number one brand used by RV service technicians to unclog black tanks.

Clear-It is the strongest, most effective solution for unclogging plugged RV black tanks, and it requires no jetting or manual cleaning, which is why RV technicians love it. No other product can break through clogs like Clear-It can! Its extra-strength formula is powered by a blend of proprietary bacteria and targeted enzymes that are designed specifically to break down and digest the poop and paper that is clogging your black tank - no matter how old the clog is!

Many products claim they can be used to unclog black tanks, but as we have seen time and time again by helping frustrated RVers, these other products never get the job. Most RVers who use other products end up wasting money on a product that doesn’t work and spend hours fussing with toilet messes, only to achieve nothing. It’s a very expensive and stressful learning process. Before you waste your time or money on underpowered products, grab a bottle of Clear-It. Clear-It can and DOES unclog black tanks! We have helped thousands of RVers unclog their black tanks, and we can help you!

As we often tell people, there is no stronger product on the market, so if Clear-It can’t unclog your black tank, no product can!

What To Expect

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Break Down Of Human Waste

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Break Down Of Paper Waste

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Works On All Types Of Clogs

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Works On Old and New Problems

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World Class Customer Support

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Compatibility With The Unique Method

Having problems? We can help!

Solving Common Problems With Clear-It

Identifying Which Type Of Clog You Have

Tank clogs come in many forms. Determine which type you have so you can take the steps to unclog your black tank with Clear-It.

Unclogging Your Black Tank

It doesn’t matter if you have a pyramid plug that started last night, or a compacted tank from years of neglect. We’ll help you solve it with Clear-It.

Unclogging Black Tanks In Stationary RVs

Clogged black tanks can happen to anyone, including Full Time RVers and those with stationary RVs. We’ll help you solve this problem with Clear-It.

Main Method

Effectively unclogging an RV black tank without jetting or manual cleaning takes two things: the right approach and the right product. The first thing you need to do is determine what type of tank clog you have. This guide will help you. After you have determined the type of clog you have, you now understand your opponent. It’s time to get to work!

The second step is using the right product. Well, luckily for you, if you are reading this, you have the right product. Clear-It is the strongest solution available for unclogging RV black tanks, which is why it is used by RV service technicians as their back-of-house tank unclogger from coast to coast!

The power behind Clear-It is an extremely strong and effective blend of bacteria and enzymes that are targeted to break through the waste that is clogging your black tank. The only thing you need is time and water. The longer you allow Clear-It to work inside your black tank, the more likely you are to easily resolve your clogged tank. Some clogs can be broken through in just a few hours. Some, like compacted tanks that are full of waste that has been sitting for years, take longer. For the majority of clogs you can expect Clear-It to unclog your tank in 12 - 48 hours.

There is no amount of time that is too long to sit inside your tank. All of the ingredients in Clear-It are designed to work with your system, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your valves, seals, toilets, or tanks if you let Clear-It sit in your tank for days, weeks, or months!

Also, be sure to add water to the tank if it doesn’t already have water in it. Clear-It must be moved around the tank so that it can attack all of the waste that needs to be broken down. Clear-It also needs water because the bacteria that power Clear-It must remain alive and hydrated to work. Without water Clear-it will not work. Worried about adding more water to your tank if it’s already clogged? This is a normal fear that we hear from customers. The reality is, you’re going to have to unclog your tank no matter what, so adding water to the tank isn’t causing the problem to be any bigger. Odds are, Clear-It is going to solve your clogged tank, and water will help this happen. In the very rare situation where Clear-It doesn’t unclog your tank, you’ll probably need to have the tank manually cleaned or replaced. Remember, there is no stronger product on the market, so if Clear-It can’t unclog your tank, no product will!

Ready to get your tank unclogged? Just follow the instructions on your bottle. If you run into any problems, we’re here to help! Problem-free tanks are in your future!

Identifying the different types of black tank clogs. Unique Camping + Marine
Clog Types

Identifying Which Type Of Clog You Have

Plugged black tanks come in many forms. The most common (and easiest to solve!) is a pyramid plug that has formed because you left your black tank valve open while camping. Other types of clogs include compacted tanks or blocked lines. Clear-It can help you solve all of these, but you’ll need to know which type of clog you're going up against so you can take the necessary steps to use Clear-It appropriately. This first step will increase your chances of tackling your clog quickly and effectively. Determine the type of clog you have.

Person wearing gloves using a plunger to remove a clog from an RV toilet.
Clogged Tanks

Unclogging Your Black Tank

If you have already determined the type of clog you have, you are ready to unclog your black tank! If you haven’t already determined your clog-type, read the section above.

Unclogging a tank without jetting, manual cleaning, or disgusting messes is easy with Clear-It! The formula that powers Clear-It will do most of the work for you. The real magic is time and water. Giving Clear-it plenty of time to work is critical. The bacteria and enzymes will begin working almost immediately to break through the waste that is clogging your tank, but depending on your clog-type, it may take longer for more difficult clogs. Plan ahead of time to let Clear-It work in your tank for up to 72 hours without dumping your tank. Also, be sure to have plenty of water in the tank. Clear-It gets moved throughout the tank via water. If there is no water in your tank, or not enough water, Clear-It will be ineffective at unclogging your tank.

Stationary fifth wheel RV at a campground. Unique Camping + Marine
Stationary Units

Unclogging Black Tanks In Stationary RVs

In the above section, we mention how critical time is for achieving success with Clear-It. Many clogs take up to 72 hours to dissolve enough so they can be dumped and flushed out. For Full Time RVers, and those with stationary units, this time frame can be daunting.

As frustrating as it may be, we recommend not using your toilet if your black tank is clogged. You are just adding more waste to an already problematic tank and that can lead to even bigger problems.

If you are a Full Timer, we recommend that you plan on using the campground facilities for a few days so Clear-It has plenty of time to work, undisturbed.

Also, remember, Clear-It does not require driving to work, so after you’ve unclogged your tank, be sure to rinse your tank very well, for longer than you would think - like 20-30 minutes - to fully remove the leftover waste that may still be inside the tank.

Using Clear-It With The Unique Method

The Unique Method is an easy-to-follow treatment method that is used by thousands of RVers every day to prevent holding tank problems before they happen. Treating your holding tanks with Clear-It, following The Unique Method, will ensure your holding tanks remain free from odors, clogs, and misreading sensors. The graphic below shows where Clear-It fits into The Unique Method treatment process.

Unique Method Flow Chart icons Unique Method Flow Chart icons

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