Sensor Cleaner for Black Water Tanks




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This is a legacy product that has been rebranded and discontinued.

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Cleans and Restores Misreading Black Tank Sensor Probes

Powered by the most advanced bacteria and enzyme formula available

  • The leading brand for cleaning and restoring black tank sensor probes
  • Breaks down and removes waste that is clinging to sensor probes
  • Normally works within 12 - 72 hours
  • Helps reverse years of neglect
  • Helps restore sensors in permanently parked RVs
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Formulated with trust - contains no hidden chemicals
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The Problem

Inaccurate or misreading sensors are a common and very annoying problem for many RVers. For many RVers it’s an inevitability that solid waste, grease and used toilet paper will eventually end up covering the sensors, causing them to read as full, when in reality your tanks may be far from it. Other sensor cleaner brands claim to solve misreading sensor problems, but unfortunately these products are greatly underpowered and aren’t able to restore sensors - especially ones that have been subjected to years of neglect. You need a product that is strong enough to get the job done, restoring trust in your gauges again.

The Solution

Unique Sensor Cleaner is simply the strongest, most effective sensor cleaner available. Sensor Cleaner’s specialty formula targets and eliminates the waste in your black tank that causes sensor misreads and malfunctions. Unique Sensor Cleaner also erases years of neglect by breaking down even old waste and eliminating it once and for all. The best part about Sensor Cleaner is that it is made in the USA, sourced carefully with high quality ingredients, and you can use it with little concern.

The Science

Unique Sensor Cleaner’s liquid formula delivers billions of powerful bacteria and enzymes into your holding tank, wasting no time breaking down the large debris that stubbornly covers sensors. The enzymes break down the waste so the bacteria can effectively liquify it, preventing that waste from being able to cover your sensors ever again. Sensor Cleaner also works to break down old waste that has built up in tanks that have been neglected for many years, leaving even these old sensors restored and reading properly. Our liquid formula also works in such a way that no driving is necessary to clean the sensors. At the end of the day, you can trust the reliability of your sensors to Unique Sensor Cleaner and never worry about misreading sensors again.

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Sensor Cleaner For Black Tanks 32 oz.

SKU 41J-1
UPC 736683000777
Size 32 oz.

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