Final Thoughts on The Unique Method

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As we’ve said, The Unique Method is a proven, easy-to-follow approach to treating your RV wastewater holding tanks that will help you prevent problems before they happen. To experience the full success of using The Unique Method 50/50 approach, you need to nail the right habits and the right products. We always recommend using our products with The Unique Method for two reasons:

  • The Unique Method was designed to work most effectively with Unique Camping + Marine products
  • We pride ourselves on product transparency so you can always feel comfortable using our products

There is a good reason why there are so many different opinions out there about which tank treatments are the best. Products in the RV waste treatment industry are not highly regulated and companies are generally very free to put all kinds of claims on their labels that may not match the actual ingredients. In fact, many of them including top name brands (like Happy Campers “Organic” Treatment) refuse to release the full ingredient list to allow their consumers insight into what they are buying. They hide the true nature of their products so much that it forced us to hire a mineralogist to do an independent analysis of their product, the results of which confirmed what we already knew about their product: it is not organic and not very safe at all. General consumers can’t reasonably go to these lengths to fully understand what is in a product and the safety consequences it could have on them.

Another product that conveniently hides the presence of dangerous chemicals is Walex’s Porta-Pak. According to their SDS (safety data sheet), this product contains bronopol, but it is not listed on the packaging. So not only are they exposing customers to products containing dangerous chemicals, but the product labelling may be causing them to unwittingly use illegal RV treatments in states and municipalities where they are prohibited. The best way for consumers to be confident about their purchase is for the company to release a full ingredient list that matches the product label like we do at Unique Camping + Marine.

Our intention is not to throw these particular brands under the bus. We just mention them as an example to show how this industry tends to hide important facts about its products, leading to confusion and incorrect assumptions on the consumer's part. We are committed to formulating our products with transparency so that you can trust the superiority of our products when it comes to safety, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness.

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Recapping The Unique Method

By now, you've read loads of information on The Unique Method. We hope it’s been helpful! Though tank maintenance can seem daunting at times, when you really boil The Unique Method down, it’s pretty simple and straightforward:

  • Use your tank valves correctly (black is always closed; gray is open when on hook-ups and closed when dry camping/boondocking).
  • Treat your black holding tanks with a high-quality bacteria and enzyme and treat your gray tank with a bacterial treatment when the gray valve remains closed.
  • Keep water in your toilet bowl at all times (unless driving).
  • Fill your toilet bowl with water before you use it.
  • Use plenty of water every time you flush your toilet (hold the flush pedal down for 10 seconds).
  • Dump your black tanks every 3-5 days.
  • Flush your black tank for a few minutes after each dump and 20-30 minutes every 3-5 dumps.
  • Prevent as much grease and food debris as possible from getting in your gray tank.
  • Avoid cleaning your toilet, sinks, dishes or showers with chemical or antibacterial cleaners.
  • Try not to let your holding tanks get too hot.
  • Deep clean your black tank (using Clean-It) at least twice per year or every 5-10 dumps (for full time RVers) and your gray tank (using Dawn Ultra) at the end of each dry camping/boondocking trip (for dry campers/boondockers) and twice per year (for primarily hook-up campers).
  • Store your RV with a full tank of water and a bottle of RV Digest-It in the black tank(s) when the risk of freezing isn’t a concern

Be sure to choose products that will work effectively with The Unique Method by asking yourself:

  • Does this product eliminate odors without replacing it with overpowering fragrances?
  • Does it break down waste effectively?
  • Does it clean sensors so they are always in proper working order?
  • Is it approved for use in all states?

Prevention is always the best policy, and by employing the 50/50 approach using The Unique Method (proper tank care habits) and the best products (ideally bacteria and enzyme products), you stay out ahead of intruding odors, annoying clogs, and misreading sensors. While The Unique Method can be effective with other brand name products, we recommend using Unique Camping + Marine products since the method was designed with these products in mind.

There are always bumps in the road any time you start something new or change habits, so don't get discouraged. That's what we're here for! If you run into problems after following The Unique Method, don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help you get back on track!

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