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Introduction To The Unique Method

  • 2 min read

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This introduction article is the first in a series that describes The Unique Method piece by piece. Use the following table of contents to jump to a specific article in the series or start from the beginning (this article) and move to the next one in the series at the bottom.

Introduction to The Unique Method

The Unique Method is a proven, easy-to-follow approach to treating your RV wastewater holding tanks that will help you prevent problems before they happen. If you want to enjoy your RV without odors, clogs, or misreading sensors, you must do more than just dump a tank treatment down your toilet and walk away. The core of The Unique Method is a 50/50 approach: 50 percent following the right PROCESS and 50 percent using the right treatment PRODUCT.

We have carefully developed this method over many years by talking to RVers who have tried home remedies, popular products, and word-of-mouth techniques and found them to be lacking. So many RVers have been given bad advice and suffered the consequences. Even experienced RVers encounter tank and odor problems, so newbies don’t have to feel alone in this struggle. Problem-free camping is very possible when you follow a treatment method that addresses four important factors:

  • Odor elimination
  • Efficient solid waste breakdown
  • Sensor cleaning
  • Be approved for use in all states

The Unique Method combined with the best treatment products checks all these boxes.

In the later articles, we’re going to walk you through the specific steps of The Unique Method for both black and gray tanks so you can understand completely how to properly follow this 50/50 process. We will also discuss in detail the care habits described in the method and our opinions on using various types of products. It’s not difficult to achieve holding tank bliss, but it may require changing a few of the current habits and ideas you have about how to care for your tanks or what products to use.

To begin, let’s walk through the specific guidelines for applying The Unique Method to your black water tank.

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