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Introduction to Dumping Your RV Holding Tanks

  • 2 min read

Article 1 of 9 in Series: Dumping RV Holding Tanks

Ah, dumping…the least favorite item on an RVer’s checklist. A necessary one, but definitely not a favorite. For new RVers, this topic can seem overwhelming and maybe even a deal-breaker, but don’t let that be the case because when you understand the steps and some of the convenient dumping tools out there, you’ll see that it’s nothing to be afraid of. In this series of articles, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about dumping RV holding tanks and how to care for the tools you use to dump.

  1. How to Dump Your Black and Gray Water Tanks
  2. Flushing an RV Holding Tank
  3. Where to Dump Your RV Holding Tanks
  4. When to Dump Your RV Holding Tanks
  5. How to Dump Your Holding Tanks at Home
  6. How to Use RV Tank Rinsers and Other Rinsing Tools
  7. Proper Care of RV Dumping Tools
  8. How to Use an RV Dumping Station

These articles describe how to dump your tanks (both at a dump station and at home), where and when to dump, the importance of flushing your black tank after dumping, and how to use and care for the dumping tools you use. We’ve also slipped in some brief information on the unofficial etiquette at dump stations so you’ll never run the risk of ticking someone off while unloading your stinky stash.

The first thing you need to know is the actual process of how to dump both your black and gray/galley tanks; then we can start talking about the wheres, the whens, the and fun tools you could get to make the whole process easier. In the next article, we will lay out easy steps to show you how to dump your RV holding tanks. 

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